Welcome to
Kingfisher Lakes

Kingfisher Lakes has been established to provide carp anglers with a choice of venues to fish in the North
Eastern and Western regions of England.

The Long Lake Rules

These Rules are in place to protect both the carp and anglers welfare while at the fishery, and must be adhered to at all times.

General Rules

1.1 Members must be in possession of current E.A rod licence(s) and observe the regulations and bye-laws of the Environment Agency.

1.2 Members must be in possession of their Syndicate ID and valid Year Card when fishing or visiting the venue, and show them on demand to the Syndicate Controllers, their Bailiffs, other Members, the Environment Agency, or Estate Representatives.

1.3 Members must be in possession of a copy of the North, South and Long Pond Rules and Recommended Health and Safety Guidelines when fishing at the venue.

1.4 No litter will be tolerated! Take all litter including cigarette ends and tea bags home.

1.5 No fires or disposable barbeques are allowed under any circumstances. Cooking stoves are permitted.

1.6 No guns or weapons of any kind are allowed at, or in the vicinity of the Lakes.

1.7 No swimming or walking on ice if the Lakes are frozen. Wading is at the individuals own risk.

1.8 No fishing from boats and no boats/inflatables etc…. to be used on the Lakes.

1.9 No drugs. Alcohol is allowed in moderation any Member who, in the opinion of a Syndicate Controller or his Bailiffs, is deemed to be unfit to fish due to the influence of alcohol, will be expelled from the Syndicates.

1.10 No carp sacks or keep nets. Any Member found retaining a carp in a sack for any reason will be deemed to be wanting to remove the fish for dishonest reasons. Any Member found with a sacked fish will be immediately expelled from the Syndicates without recourse. The Syndicate Controllers may then take further action under the Theft Act 1968.

1.11 No shock leaders or braided main line except on spod or marker rods.

1.12 No lead core to be used, proprietary ‘Safe’ leaders are permitted.
1.13 No unattended rods.

1.14 No cutting or pruning of any trees, shrubs or plants.

1.15 No Shouting, and the volume of any Radios, TV’s or DVD Players used must be kept low.

1.16 No non-members or non fishing guests allowed except Members partners or their children.

1.17 Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by the Member at all times.

1.18 Cars must be parked in the designated car parks.

1.19 Members must not cause any obstruction to the access gates and must ensure all gates are closed behind them on exit/entry to the site and the Lakes.

1.20 Members must observe and adhere to a 10 MPH speed limit when entering and exiting the Estate, and Maximum speed of 15 MPH on the road to the car parks.

1.21 Well behaved bivvy dogs are allowed and must be kept under control and ALL mess must be cleaned up immediately.

1.22 The Estate exercises the right to shoot duck on the Lakes during the winter months (normally not on more then four occasions).
Members will be informed of the shooting dates and are prohibited from fishing the day before or during the day of the shoot. Any Member found visiting the site the day prior to or during the day of the shoot will be expelled from the Syndicates.

Fishing Specifics

2.1 A Maximum three rod limit applies at all times.

2.2 All nets, slings, mats etc. must be ‘bone dry’ before commencing fishing.

2.3 Landing nets 42″ and above must be used. Carp can be retained in the landing net or in a short term flotation sling while you sort out weighing and camera equipment.

2.4 Use of a large well padded unhooking mat is compulsory.

2.5 A carp care kit consisting of: Klink (or equivalent), forceps, wire snips and water container must be used and all hook holds, cuts or abrasions on any carp captured must be treated.

2.6 All carp must be carried to the unhooking mat in a landing net and returned to the water via a sling or zipped unhooking mat.

2.7 No fish to be removed, introduced or moved between lakes.

2.8 No fishing in the stock pond.

2.10 Minimum line strength 12lb mono.

2.11 No permanently fixed lead rigs are to be used, – semi-fixed lead rigs utilising a safety bolt clip or running leads must be used. The Syndicate Controllers and their Bailiffs reserve the right to check rigs in use at any time, and Members must reel in immediately if asked to take part in a rig check.

2.12 Maximum hook, size 4, minimum hook, size 10. Barbless,
de-barbed or micro-barbed hooks only. Bent hooks are not permitted!

2.13 No nuts to be used. All other particles must be well prepared, which includes both soaking and boiling correctly.

2.14 No Bait boats are allowed on the Long Lake. If used sensibly so they do not interfere with the fishing of other Members bait boats may be used on the North and South Lakes.

2.15 Members must weigh and photograph all carp caught (even if just on the mat), and submit details of any captures made by the end of the caught month on the group Face Book page or via email to: kingfisherlakes@hotmail.co.uk

2.16 All Members, accompanying partners or their children, and any authorised guests, must have with them a head torch and a spare torch. These must be used when fishing in lowlight conditions or during the hours of darkness. I.E. one head torch and one spare torch per person.

2.17 Members are expected to show respect towards fellow anglers and fish in a gentlemanly manner and not encroach on areas of water that should rightly be fished from another swim.

2.18 If the Syndicate Controllers exercise their right to close a Lake for their exclusive use for a 7day period during the month of May Members will be informed of the dates and must not fish during the notified period.

2.19 No reserving swims, maximum time allowed away from the venue 6 hours.

2.20 No Access to the Long Lake unless you are a Long Lake Member or have been given permission by the Syndicate Controllers or their Bailiffs.

2.21 Members MUST record all sessions fished and all visits to the site in one of the Log Books; this includes visiting other Members or visits to bait up etc.

2.22 No fishing for, towards or in areas that carp are spawning in; if carp start spawning in the swim you are fishing you MUST bring in your rods and vacate the area where spawning activity is taking place.

2.23 No fishing or baiting up from OUT OF BOUNDS AREAS.

North. South and Long Pond Rules: Guests

3.1 Syndicate Members can request up to four 24 hour Guest sessions per season for which a fee will be charged for each 24 hour period or part thereof.

3.2 All Guests must be in possession of current E.A rod licence(s) and observe the regulations and bye-laws of the Environment Agency.

3.3 The Syndicate Controllers must be aware of all Guests prior to them fishing, and a valid permit must be issued in advance.

3.4 Members must be present at the Lakes at all times while their Guest is fishing and all authorised Guests must be in possession of a valid permit issued by the Syndicate Controllers.

3.5 No Guests are allowed during the month of May.

3.6 No Guests are allowed to fish the Long Lake.

3.7 Only two authorised Guests are allowed to fish on the North Lake at any time, and only one authorised Guest is allowed to fish on the South Lake at any time.

3.8 Members are responsible for their Guest at all times! If your Guest abuses the Rules of the Syndicates, or their conduct is deemed to be inappropriate, their permit will be revoked and they will be expelled from the venue, and any fees paid will be forfeited with no refunds given. Infringement of the Rules of the Syndicates by your Guest may jeopardise your Membership, and lead to your expulsion from the Syndicates.