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Kingfisher Lakes has been established to provide carp anglers with a choice of venues to fish in the North
Eastern and Western regions of England.

Western Reservoir Catch Reports 2020 and 2021

We have asked Members to report back to us how they have done during their sessions. This section of the site is not intended to be a hall of fame for certain anglers but to inform you how the waters are coming on and to reasonably reflect the fish that have been caught (and that prospective Members could fairly expect to catch).

Please report your catches back to us, and if you would like a picture of a fish you have caught from one of our waters put on the site, if suitable we will do our best to upload it.

Western Reservoir Syndicate

Northumberland isn’t exactly blessed with a great deal of carp fishing venues; in fact it’s fair to say there certainly aren’t many, if any waters in the county or surrounding regions that offer the opportunity to fish for carp in a large and weed free venue like the Western.

Over the last few years, the Western has produced over 30 different 20lb+ carp and the venue is continuing to establish its self as a good doubles water with an ever-increasing number of mid to upper doubles and 20lb+ carp to target.

With no restriction to length of stay, Members can relax and enjoy their fishing as part of a friendly Syndicate in the peace and quiet of the beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

Western Reservoir

17.5 acre water supply reservoir with depths ranging between 8-20 feet, the margins are stone lined up to two rod lengths out from the bank, the lake bed is firm with a light covering of silt and there is NO weed present.

The Syndicate was established and opened to fishing in 2012.

Current stock approx. 400 carp; 22 fish per acre, plus home grown fish from successful spawning’s.

Lake Record Mirror 26lb 5oz Common 20lb 1oz.

No formal swims, but with nearly two thirds of a mile of bank to fish from finding a pitch to fish isn’t a problem.

Other species; roach, dace, gudgeon, perch and eels.

No restriction to length of stay.

Non fishing Partners and Children are allowed to accompany Members; no fees charged.

Western Reservoir 2021

2020 was a difficult and challenging year for everyone and starting the New Year in a period of lockdown isn’t great… but signs of a return to a more normal existence are on the horizon and 2021 will surely be a better year for us all!

Spring is on the way, restrictions will lift, and buzzers will once again sound, more new twenties will hopefully grace the bank and Lake Records continue to increase.

Let’s hope for a mild spring and a warm summer so the carp continue to make steady progress in the months ahead.

I hope you enjoy your fishing wherever you wet a line in the coming months, best fishes to you for the year ahead.


January 2021

The Western didn’t fish quite as well in 2020 as it did in 2018 and 2019 and the fishing was patchy by comparison, mind the same was true on a lot of other waters both local and further afield, in particular those Members fishing shorter sessions saw less action than the previous couple of years, but that’s fishing and no two years are the same…

Constantly changing weather conditions affected the fishing and at least three different bouts of spawning activity took place in May, June and July, with temperatures reaching 24°C one week and struggling to day time highs of 14°C the following week it shouldn’t surprise anyone that carp and their feeding activities were impacted, such are the vagaries of fishing a deeper water 300m+ above sea level this far north.

That said;

There were still lots of multiple captures reported and some cracking hauls of carp were caught by those who got their baiting strategy, application and timing correct!

Three nights fishing 16 runs, 14 carp landed was probably the best haul I’m aware of and a few Members managed 10-14 runs and 9-12 fish during their two-night sessions.

To achieve this level of success when the water temperature is above 14°C you need to use bait and apply it regularly, using 4-7 kg boilie and similar quantities of pellet working well in the above instances, other Members catching consistently were using 2-3 kilo of boilies during overnight/24-hour sessions were managing 2-4 runs, their starting point was introducing 1-2 kilo and then baiting little and often regularly after the initial bait up and this produced good results.

From the Catch Reports I received in 2020 it’s apparent that numbers of home-grown carp especially commons are still coming through the ranks with numerous carp between 4lb 8oz – 9lb being caught.

In fact;

Last year 91% of captures were double figure carp, 55% of carp caught weighed between 14lb – 20lb+, and the overall average weight of all carp caught was 14lb 10oz, the reservoir produced 10 new 20lb+ fish to 22lb 8oz, the biggest mirror to grace the bank was 26lb 5oz and largest common was 20lb 1oz, which personally I consider to be very pleasing!

Another New Twenty graces the bank 21lb 14oz

May – December 2020

When the Reservoir reopened to fishing on 13th May there were a flurry of Members chomping at the bit to get bankside, not surprising really after having been confined indoors for so long, and it was great to see a flurry of carp being captured.

Amongst those getting wet nets from the off were Michael R with a hat-trick of fish to 16lb, Gary W who had his first twenty from the reservoir in the shape of a 21lb 10oz mirror.

David B managed seven including a hat-trick of twenties @ 20lb 2oz, 20lb 7oz and 22lb 12oz, the others all being doubles to 16lb 6oz, a great first session for sure!

Jonathan had a nice hit managing loads of runs and banking ten all doubles, the best two going 19lb 2oz and 19lb 6oz, he commented that he brought every bit of bait he had and would have had more fish if he hadn’t run out of feed having used 7kg boilies and around 10 kilo pellets during his session to keep the fish feeding and the buzzers sounding.

May 2020 A nice Twenty

June saw a few bouts of stop start spawning activity take place and the female fish became moody as weather conditions bounced around all over the place which prevented them from dropping their load.

It was mainly smaller horny male carp that graced the bank during the month, the best two hits going to Andrew J with a hat-trick of doubles to 17lb, and Stephen J with a home-grown mirror @ 8lb 4oz along with four other doubles to 16lb 4oz.

I’m often asked to offer a few pointers about fishing on the Western and I’m always happy to try and provide some guidance, as indeed are those who’ve been Members of the Syndicate for several years.

Top tips include:

Don’t forget that there are thousands of silvers and gudgeon nibbling away at whatever bait you introduce and you have to feed enough to ensure there’s something left for the carp to home in on!

On most venues you find a ‘hole in the weed’ apply bait, the fish feed in it and you might catch from it, on the Western there is no weed the entire lake bed is the equivalent of the ‘hole in the weed’, and whatever bait is fed becomes the feature the carp feed on.

You wouldn’t see a match angler hook a maggot on, fire out 20 maggots and sit there for the duration of his session without applying more bait, same applies for carp, think of boilies as maggots for carp, a couple of hundred may induce them to feed, a handful or two possibly not!

Try a zig on one rod, work at it and bonus fish will come, even if you don’t like or haven’t used them much zigging works, and the Western is the ideal water to learn or gain more experience using the method.

Upper Double 19lb+

The first week of July saw the third and final attempt at spawning occur and those carp that hadn’t successfully spawned in May and June completed their mission, phew!

From mid-month onwards the fishing kicked off, the majority of Members received action on most visits; Gary C kept plugging away catching a brace here and there before banking one of the larger residents in the shape of a 22lb 8oz mirror a new twenty for the venue to boot, he returned a week or so later and had a canny brace at 13lb and 25lb, get in!

Adam netted a hat trick to 15lb, Stephen D had a cracking brace when he landed 19lb and 22lb 4oz mirrors, the latter being another new twenty for the Western, he returned over the next few days and had three on the bounce all at 15lb, great fun.

Wayne chipped in with a quad-trick of doubles to 19lb 5oz, Jonathan had a hat-trick of doubles to 17lb 5oz, Dean had four commons in succession biggest going 16lb, and Michael T landed a lovely 20lb 1oz common, which is a new Lake Record common, congratulations to you!

Michael P had the largest haul of the month when he managed twelve fish to 21lb 12oz during his session all were doubles bar two, a busy, and at times very busy trip, a good result for you Michael, or purely belter as we say up here!

New Twenty for the Western 22lb 8oz

August and September saw a steady string of captures reported from Members, far too many to list here, but worthy of a mention were;

Peter who normally only manages to fish 2–3-hour sessions, in fact a 4–5-hour session would be a lengthy visit, so it was great to hear he’d caught a couple of braces of carp on two consecutive visits, his first going 15lb 8oz & 16lb, his second 11lb 2oz & 15lb 6oz, well done that man.

Anthony Mc had a brace of doubles to 17lb, Gary C kept at them and kept catching consistently his best hit for the month was catching four to 21lb 5oz, Michael P had a brace of doubles to 19lb, and Jonathan banked a nice brace of mirrors @ 15lb 14oz and 25lb 11oz, yeah!

Wayne weighed a cracking haul of fish in, 14 takes and 12 fish in 72 hours, conditions were far from favourable with a biting Northerly wind, and bleaching rain proving challenging, but he was up to the task, his smallest fish went 10lb, most were between 14-15lb and his best went 17lb+.

The Western can be a difficult water to fish when the weather’s wild, but the carp respond well to big winds and bivvy wrecking conditions and good hits can be had by those Members who are prepared to brave such conditions, so a well-earned result, well done Sir!

One of a Dozen 17lb+

By the end of September Member visits become much less frequent, fewer anglings visiting means less chance of fish being captured, however a few fish were still banked.

Andrew Mc had a nice 18lb 4oz October mirror, but honours for the best end of year captures went to the Winter Ticket Members, Matty J banked fish of 26lb 5oz a new Lake Record mirror and a 22lb mirror in November, Jasmine netted a couple of doubles to just short of 14lb, and Josh caught his first twenty from the reservoir when a bonny 21lb 2oz mirror graced his net.

During December Jordan managed his first from the Western in the shape of a 21lb 5oz mirror, he said it was his first twenty since he was a young whip so a good start! Also having a good start was Shaun with December fish of 18lb 10oz and 21lb 14oz, winter carping at its best, well done to you all, even more pleasing was that several of the twenties caught were new 20lb+ carp for the venue, brilliant news!

December 2020 Twenty @ 21lb 14oz

I always appreciate receiving feedback from Members be it good, bad or indifferent, it is of course always nice to receive positive feedback…, after the crap year we all endured in 2020 I thought I would share this, received off a Member who joined last year;

Steve, I must say you run a cracking fishery and the lads I have met so far on the bank are a cracking set of lads, and the fish I have caught have all been like brand new pennies, absolute stunning, and mint condition, you have a piece of heaven set in Northumberland……even when the wind blows lol.”

January – April 2020

Only two or three Members ventured out to wet a line between December 2019 – March 2020, so with very few visits and very limited rod hours being fished it’s fair to say it was a quiet winter period from a carp fishing point of view.

A couple of Members had an occasional day session fishing for the abundant roach the reservoir contains, and with the silvers being much more obliging than the carp they enjoyed the good sport the red fins provided.

If only carp fed as well during the cold weather eh?!

Swim with a view

In February Storms Ciara and Dennis brought a lot of heavy weather and copious amounts of rain with them, when the pipe that the Whittle Burn flows through at the west end of the reservoir becomes blocked this flood water runs in, having washed off the surrounding fields the reservoir quickly becomes very coloured, like milky tea really!

In March as the daylight hours increased the carp became more and more active and an early season algal bloom took hold, the milky tea the carp are living in is very, very milky…

In fact, the water is that coloured you can’t see more than a foot or so below the surface, the first you know about where the carp are is when they throw themselves clear of the surface or roll over in the surface layers.

Well we all know Lockdown started on 23rd March so no fishing until the Government ease restrictions, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

I have being visiting to feed the carp and make sure everything is fine at the venue on a regular basis, and before anyone criticises me this is classed as essential authorised activity by The Institute Of Fisheries Management, and The Angling Trust and Fish Legal, who are the sport’s governing body.

I’ve seen a few carp crashing out in areas I’ve fed, best one so far was easily around 21-23lb, and a common, so there’s one Lake Record waiting to be caught!

It showed four times on the end of a freshening easterly wind launching itself completely clear of the water no more than 25-30 yards off the bank, it was great to see and made my day, and I’m sure it’ll make someone else’s day when its in the folds of their landing net.

Stay safe and keep a had…

A nice one from the Western